Rose Petal Apricot and Rose Geranium Shrub


Elevate your taste experience with the exquisite fusion of delicate rose petals, sun-ripened apricots, and the aromatic touch of rose geranium in our Rose Petal Apricot and Rose Geranium Shrub. This meticulously crafted elixir is a testament to the art of flavor blending, where the natural sweetness of apricots meets the floral elegance of roses and the unique essence of rose geranium, creating a shrub that’s truly a work of art.

Key Features:

Premium Ingredients: We source only the finest apricots, hand-picked rose petals, and aromatic rose geranium for an authentic and captivating flavor.

Versatile Mixer: Our shrub is a versatile ingredient that adds a touch of sophistication to mocktails and cocktails.

No Artificial Additives: We take pride in offering a shrub free from artificial additives, allowing the pure flavors to shine.

Crafted with Precision: Each batch is carefully prepared to ensure an exceptional taste and quality.

How to Enjoy:

For a non-alcoholic delight, mix our Rose Petal Apricot and Rose Geranium Shrub with ice, sparkling water, soda or lemonade. Garnish with a rose petals and dried Mandarin slice.

In cocktails, this shrub pairs exceptionally well with gin, vodka, or champagne, inviting you to explore endless mixology possibilities.

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Weight 572 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 cm
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