Budburst crafts small-batch artisan vinegars, infused with hand-picked plums and apricots from our family’s orchard in Queensland’s Granite Belt region.


Vibrant, versatile side-kicks for your kitchen; for entertaining, or just bringing something special to every day.



Our fruit is left to tree-ripen to perfection in the clean high country air, allowing the natural sugars to fully mature and bring out more intense flavours – stone fruit that ‘tastes like it used to.’ Once picked, its steeped in batches of local wine vinegar for 10 weeks before being hand-filtered and bottled. No concentrates, extracts or imported ingredients.


Elevate simple salad dressings and marinades, or create complex cocktails. Add a splash to soda for a healthy, refreshing cordial on a hot afternoon. Use a few drops to add extra zing to sparkling wine or a G&T. Top your oysters. Infuse your favourite fruit or vegetables for baking or pickles with an intriguing explosion of flavour.


No two batches will ever be the same. Like wine, our products are terroir-driven; influenced by the fertile soil they’re grown from and the ever-changing seasons.


We also grow a range of culinary grade florals and botanicals, and have a small quantity of tree-ripened whole fruit available each year. Contact us for details on delivery for your kitchen or venue, or sign up to our mailing list to hear of new products as we expand.


About our farm

With views spanning across the southern Granite Belt plateau, we’re perched high in a valley of the historic fruit and topaz-fossicking country of Severnlea. The orchard was established in 1918, and has a legacy of producing superior quality stone fruit – it was selected to present a box of fruit to Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Australian in 1954, and it’s rumoured another was sent back to Buckingham Palace.


Today, it’s operated and cared for by the Fawdons, a multi-generational farming family. We took over in 1997, and continued harvesting whole stone fruit for market for more than two decades before creating Budburst – a new way to preserve the intricate flavours of tree-ripened fruit while allowing us to persevere through (and even embrace) the shifts and cycles of extreme weather. 


Situated at an elevation of 870 metres, our orchard enjoys fertile soils, pristine water, natural drainage through the valley, and an abundance of bird and insect-life to pollinate the crop. Cold winters provide ideal growth conditions for stone fruit, while seasonal (and often unpredictable) changes in the summer months – from thunderstorms to drought – create fascinating variance in flavour and sweetness of our fruit and resulting vinegars each year.